Hillman Brown is an installer company for domestic and commercial insulation, who have begun performing a simple yet effective performance tweak to dwellings: taking out what professional loft insulation installers have previously put on top of the hatch and replacing it with a HatchThatch.

The below gallery is not for the feeble-hearted, and those with sensitive stomachs should also proceed scrolling down with caution. It is not unusual for the material inside the plastic bag to rot, caused by large quantities of precious warm air venting into the loft space (and from there, to the atmosphere). The plastic bag is not airtight as it is pierced by the staples holding it in place. The uselessness of this method should become fairly obvious.

Note: this is not meant to bring the installer industry into disrepute, it is merely showing examples of real jobs that an individual installer saw fit to pass for professional workmanship. And unfortunately, this practice is very common and widespread.

For a brief analysis of the legalities surrounding this method see this page.

For images of what Hillman Brown put in place instead see Installation Instructions page.

All images courtesy of Hillman Brown.

A professional insulation job well done, this is not.
cold bridging at the edge of the hatch
round peg in a square hole – how can this method be expected to achieve anywhere near an adequate insulation performance?
condensation forming inside the bag
rot visible inside the bag
rot forming on the hatch under the (removed) plastic bag
plastic bag chamber of horrors

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