HatchThatch is very easy to install in just a few minutes:

  1. Select one of the following four sizes that is the closest dimension to your loft hatch – if in doubt, select a larger product as it will squeeze into place, but cannot be stretched if too small:
    • S – 55 x 55cms
    • M – 75 x 55cms
    • L – 95 x 55cms
    • XL – 120 x 60cms: suitable for loft hatches that incorporate a loft ladder
  2. Remove the loft hatch from the roof assembly and place onto a flat working surface i.e. kitchen table.
  3. Remove the sticky backed Velcro from the product and affix this to your loft hatch, 1cm in from all the four edges. Cut the velcro straps to length if necessary.
  4. Fix HatchThatch to your loft hatch. By squeezing the main body of the product you can adjust to the right size and shape by attaching the two Velcro strips together. This should enable a perfect fit.
  5. Re-attach the loft hatch together with the HatchThatch to the roof assembly. The main body of the product shall insulate the loft hatch and the skirt shall ride up on the ceiling joists to pull the draught excluders into place thus ensuring a tight thermal seal and fit.

If your hatch is of the drop-down type and/or has a mounted ladder, the velcro straps are fixed to the joist frame surrounding the hatch instead of the hatch itself. This means that once installed, HatchThatch rests on top of your ladder and remains in place when you drop down your hatch, and is then removed separately.

Some photos courtesy of installer company Hillman Brown below to illustrate the simplicity of the installation process:

attaching velcro strap to hatch
The adhesive on the back of the velcro strips should normally do the job, but for added professionalism, Hillman Brown are using a staple gun to hold it in place.
the last staple
affixing the HatchThatch
done – ready to be put back in place


HatchThatch snug fit
Job done – the skirts ride up and squeeze themselves in place to effectc a good draught-proofing seal