HatchThatch is a versatile product, patented worldwide by Igloo Environmental, enabling a loft hatch to be insulated and draught-proofed in one application. It is very easy to install and can be used with most loft hatches, even those with mounted ladders. The product is very soft and gentle to handle and has no chemical or irritant risk to human nor animal. It is also confirmed to be inert to bats and rodents. There are approximately 22 million homes in the UK that either have no or very minimal loft hatch insulation. The use of HatchThatch will prevent the emission of 30kgs per annum of CO₂ for the average 3 bed semi-detached house. If the whole of the UK were to properly insulate their hatches using HatchThatch, a massive UK total of 700,000 tonnes of easily preventable CO₂ could be saved per annum. Apart from a very positive contribution towards climate change, installing HatchThatch should save the average consumer, with a three bed semi-detached house, about £45 per annum off their heating costs. It shall also keep the home cooler during the warmer season as well. HatchThatch is a self-adjusting versatile and flexible product that can be easily made to fit any size or shape of loft hatch. It is fitted in just a few minutes and the only tool required is either a small knife or a pair of scissors. It comes in four sizes:

  1. S – 55 x 55cms
  2. M – 75 x 55cms
  3. L – 95 x 55cms
  4. XL – 120 x 60cms – suitable for loft hatches with mounted ladders.

Further product literature:

The product is currently available from EH Smith Builders Merchants in Sutton Coldfield,
or via their website EH Smith Sustainable Products.

Installers or Traders please use our contact form to discuss bulk ordering.

Testing and Accreditation

The Product is manufactured in the UK to applicable UK BS and other safety standards. Certification has been provided by two UKAS testing houses:

  1. West Yorkshire Materials Testing Service, based in Bradford, UKAS No 1104 tested the product to BS 5852 Part 2 and has certified “Pass” with the test report – 42527.
  2. Intertek, based in Leigh, UKAS No 1516 tested the product to BS 5852 Part 1 and has certified “Complies” in both categories with the test report – LEHTX00523185

The product has a thermal lambda score of 0.039 per 100mm thickness. Dimensions as specified with an average weight of 1.3kgs per item.

The LABM July/August 2011 issue featured Lorraine Lloyd in a case study about installing HatchThatch and immediately noticing the benefits. Click on each of the images to access the readable full-size versions or download the excerpt as pdf here.
2011-07_LABM_front_cover 2011-07_LABM_p18 2011-07_LABM_p19