Our ultimate task is to install a loft hatch insulation product into all of the 300 million worldwide homes that currently have no or inadequate loft hatch insulation. Crucially, we only fabricate our products from recycled and sustainable materials.

Our mission, defined in our constitution, is to recycle and reuse valuable resources to radically reduce the harmful effects of the emission of both CO₂(e) by producing environmentally friendly energy-saving products that can be used worldwide, and which enable us to achieve our objectives.

Our Primary tasks are:

  • To reduce the preventable emission of millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide worldwide. Our HatchThatch product has a working life of 50 years. Therefore our goal is to reduce carbon emissions over the next 50 years by 500 million tonnes of CO₂
  • To plug an important insulation gap and reap a low-hanging fruit for energy savings that in the past has often been overlooked as it was lumped up into the overall loft insulation job and due to the small area of the hatch considered negligible, while the truth is that an inadequately insulated and draught-proofed hatch significantly undermines the effectiveness of the entire insulation job
  • To increase tenants’ comfort and wellbeing and alleviate fuel poverty by reducing draughts and keeping warmth in
  • To recycle waste streams including plastic bottles, factory carpet waste, destroyed bank notes, old NHS blankets, worn out carpets, waste paper and other fibres. Most importantly to prevent biodegradable waste being incinerated or landfilled, thereby degenerating to CO₂ and other greenhouse gasses most importantly methane, which is emitted in large quantities by landfill sites and as a greenhouse gas is approx. 23 times more potent as CO₂

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