The feast of love is here: holidays, time with family and friends, lots of merchandise, and charitable giving vying for our attention. Spare a thought for nearly seven million households across the UK struggling to heat their homes to a comfortable level. These households are also facing the prospect of another three winter months with chronic hypothermia, possible illness, undoubted misery, maybe depression and the feeling of loneliness and being neglected and forgotten. This culminates in the question: how or why should I carry on? Each winter day, approx. 65 people die in the UK Winter as a result of illnesses due to cold homes. Over the last five years, at least 7800 people have died each year trying to survive in a cold home.

One of the simplest tweaks that can be done to any home with a typical loft hatch, and arguably the nicest Christmas gift you could make one of those households in fuel poverty, would be a product removing one big cold bridge and one of the nastiest draughts. Virtually all homes who had a HatchThatch installed reported that they are able to reduce their thermostat by several degrees as the loft insulation previously fitted became fully effective. A fuel poor household may not have the luxury of turning down the thermostat, but instead being a few degrees warmer and feeling less of a draught does make a big difference.

Igloo is offering Green Deal assessors and other Domestic Energy Assessors who directly effect the sale of HatchThatch a commission of £1 per unit – offer initially limited until April 2015. When you assess a property, look out for what has been done with the loft hatch previously and determine whether the household would benefit from a HatchThatch. Discuss with the householder or installer whether they would like to have one installed. You may have some explaining to do when it comes to why the previous loft insulation has left a massive cold bridge and a botch that is rotting away and causing black mould on your hatch, or why insulating the hatch properly is not required under current government policy or installer standards, or why the Energy Company Obligation will not cover the cost of proper (legal) loft hatch insulation. You may say that government just goes with what industry tell them, and that industry are used to deliver at rock bottom standards, because utility funding is kept to a minimum. Sure we all want the funding for the ECO, which is levied off all our energy bills, to be as small as possible, but customers are equally duped if this means measures are not even done to legally compliant standards and leave gaps in the insulation and airtightness that compromise the performance of the entire insulation.

If you managed to convince the householder or installer that a HatchThatch would be a good idea, let us know via the contact form. Just list the addresses you covered, and on receipt of the orders from these households you will be eligible for a commission that accumulates and is payable monthly.

HatchThatch may well be the most effective energy saving product on the market.

a sensible yet simple solution for warmer homes